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The bathroom is where you start and end your day — whether attending to nature’s call or enjoying a shower. Family Interiors’ pros can transform your San Diego bathroom from boring into a spa oasis. Whether you want to change the look of your entire bathroom or just upgrade your shower, we have you covered. 

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Bathroom Remodeling Project ROI in San Diego

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling are two projects that can significantly increase the value of your home. For minor changes like painting, upgrading hardware, or refinishing cabinets, you can get an ROI of around $1.50 for every $1 spent. In the case of midrange and upscale bathroom remodeling, you can expect approximately a 65% and 35% return for each.

Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling offers various benefits, such as:

Enhance Aesthetics

Taking a shower in a boring bathroom after a busy workday can feel hectic. Our pros understand this and can transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat. We use stylish fixtures, choose calming colors, and use glass, tiles, or natural stones – depending on your preference – to create a rich and pleasing atmosphere.

Increase Home Value

A well-executed bathroom renovation can significantly increase the value of your home. Expect an average return of 50% for every upgrade you make to your bathroom. If you’re remodeling your bathroom to sell your home, let our pros know, and we will focus on the areas with the highest ROI. 

Adding skylights, mirrored cabinets, an exhaust fan, and a walk-in shower are among the upgrades that offer high ROI. 

Improve Functionality 

A cramped and impractical bathroom can spoil your everyday routine. Upgrading fixtures, such as installing dual sinks and optimizing the layout with built-in cabinets, can improve practicality and make your experience more enjoyable.

Enhance Comfort

Our seasoned bathroom remodeling pros add features like a thermostatic shower system, motion sensor lights, touchless faucets, heated floors, and voice-activated controls to make your experience more relaxing. 

Though expensive, don’t neglect heated floors, especially if you live in a cold region, because they make the bathroom environment more comfortable.

Solve Plumbing Issues

Water leaks not only increase your utility bills but also cause structural damage to your bathroom. Our pros identify and fix leaks, improve water pressure in pipes, and update old fixtures.

Boost Efficiency 

We utilize smart technologies like water leak detectors and occupancy sensors to reduce water and energy consumption.

Innovative Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

When Do You Need a Bathroom Remodel?

  • Mold: Mold is a sign of moisture issues. It can cause health problems and damage your bathroom if you don’t address it quickly. 
  • Leaking fixtures: Leaky faucets, showers, or toilets cause structural damage and increase utility bills.
  • Chipped and stained flooring: Damaged bathroom flooring looks unsightly and increases the risk of slipping and falling. 
  • Outdated layout: An inefficient bathroom layout, be it cramped spaces, poorly placed fixtures, insufficient storage, awkward door swings, or lack of ventilation, can make it difficult to use your bathroom. Remodeling helps you make the best use of the available space. 
  • Need more space: A cramped bathroom can be uncomfortable and impractical. Remodel your bathroom to make your showers more enjoyable.
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Modern Bathroom Remodeling Design

Why Choose Us?

  1. Over 45 years of experience: We have been transforming San Diego homes since 1976.
  2. Family-owned business: We have family-centric values and understand your needs better than a large corporation.
  3. Free in-house estimate:We offer free in-house consultation to homeowners and businesses across San Diego County.


How long does a bathroom remodeling project take?

Bathroom remodeling can take three weeks to three months, depending on the project’s complexity.

Is bathroom remodeling worth it?

Yes, bathroom remodeling can significantly increase the value of your home. Minor updates like painting offer an ROI of around $1.50 for every $1 spent, while more significant updates like upgrading the shower or sink offer an ROI of 65%.

How much does a small bathroom remodel cost in San Diego?

The average cost of remodeling a 25-square-foot bathroom in San Diego ranges from $1,800 to $6,300, depending on material and labor costs. Expect the price to be significantly lower if you don’t change cabinets or flooring.

Should I remodel the bathroom if I’m selling my house soon?

Yes. Perform a mid-scale bathroom remodel, which includes updating the shower, sink, and toilet. It offers an ROI of 65%.

Which bathroom upgrades are most popular?

  • Showers
  • Lighting
  • Underfloor heating
  • Cabinets
  • Tile accents
  • Integrated electrical outlets

How does bathroom remodeling ensure safety?

Non-slip floors and grab bars can reduce the risk of falls, especially for elderly or mobility-impaired individuals. Adding walk-in showers can increase comfort. 

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